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mahavitaran mobile app download: Due to the pandemic of corona mseb (Maharashtra State electricity board) has stoped counting the manual readings of electricity metre. Now to avoid direct contact of mseb workman with customers They decided to give average bill each month to the consumer. This electricity bill is based on previous uses of particular consumer.

In order to avail various services of mseb without getting direct contact with anyone the mahavitaran launched an application name mahavitaran app. This official app of mahavitaran enables consumers to avail mahavitaran services at their fingertips. this app is simple and easy to use. it provide transparency in delivering services to consumer. This app also provide submitting metre reading online to avoid average billing to the consumer.

Mahavitaran mobile app features

The basic features of mahavitaran app are as follows follow

  • View and Pay bill
  • Register and Track complaints
  • View Bill and Payment history
  • Manage Multiple Electricity Connections
  • Contact 24 x7 MSEDCL Call Center
  • Apply for New Connection
  • Know the status of New Connection Application and Pay Estimate Charges
  • Submit Meter Reading to avoid average billing
  • Provide Feedback about Mahavitaran Services
  • Update Contact Details ( Mobile Number & E-mail ID ) of consumer
  • Find MSEDCL offices and collection centers near you
  • Estimate your monthly electricity consumption and bill amount
  • Get Information about the Feeder from where the power supply is provided to your connection
  • Apply for the change of name
  • Submit an application for addition/reduction in load

Mahavitaran Mobile app download

Above we see some features of mahavitaran mobile app. Now let's get know how you can download mahavitaran mobile app.

Step 1) click on the link below to download the app Or You can also simply search 'mahavitaran app' in Play Store.

Download here

Step 2) after clicking on link above you will be navigate to Play Store. Now click on install button for mahavitaran app.

Step 3) after installing the app click on open.

Step 4) if you already have mahavitaran account you can enter your login name and password. But if you are new then you can sign up as a new user by clicking registration link given below. 

Step 5) after clicking on registration enter your consumer number. The consumer number is given on your electricity bill. Below that enter your mobile number, email id, login name and password. 

Step 6) your work has been done. Now you can see many options available in the app. The uses of these options are as follows-

  • View/pay bill : by clicking on this option you can view or pay your electricity bill online.
  • Add/remove connection : This option is used to add or remove the connections that you are already added. 
  • Submit reading : due to corona pandamic mseb workman are unable to come home to take the readings. So by Sumit metre reading option you can submit the photo or sms of your metre readings. 
  • Complaints : by clicking on complaints you can contact mseb call centre Or you can also submit the complaint form

so in this simple way you can download mahavitaran mobile app and start using this msedcl app to do various works from home. thank you:)

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